Dr. Shunsuke Takaki

Short Bio

I am chair of the department of Intensive Care Medicine at Yokohama City University Hospital, and also head of Tele-ICU committee at the Japanese Society of Intensive Care Medicine.
I have trained anesthesiology, emergency medicine and intensive care in Japan and completed clinical fellow at National heart center at Malaysia and clinical research fellow at department of intensive care medicine at Sydney Prince of Wales Hospital. My current research interests include Tele-medicine, bigdata analysis especially using panel data, face recognition in acute care medicine.

Tele-ICU and the integration of AI technologies

While the number of critically ill patients with underlying diseases is rapidly increasing in super aging society, medical resources in acute care settings, especially intensivists and ICU beds, are limited. In our hospital research in 2019, 61% of ICU incidents were attributed to communication errors. Moreover, today’s COVID-19 pandemic redefines many clinical activities because of the restriction of face-to-face interaction. In this session, we will explain a new approach to intensive care using ICT and AI, and introduce examples of utilization and research of ICT (Tele-ICU) and AI at our hospital.