SpecialtyDepartment of Radiation Medical Sciences

Keiji Suzuki

Associate Professor
Atomic Bomb Disease Institute Radiaton Risk Control Unit

Training Programs In Japan
Ionizing radiation has widely been recognized to cause health adverse effects, including tissue reaction and the late effects. In case radiation disaster or medical accident, immediate countermeasures need to be provided to prevent or to mitigate deleterious health effects. This certainly needs comprehensive understandings of the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying the manifestation of the health effects, such as the mechanisms of DNA damage induction, DNA repair and DNA damage response, genetic and epigenetic gene alterations, cell death, tissue responses, and carcinogenesis. The class will provide you recent scientific evidences together with unforgettable experiences.

Education & Professional Activities

May 1983   Kanazawa University, Faculty of Education, Graduated
May 1985   Kanazawa University, Graduate School, Division of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Master Course, Completed
June 1987 Kanazawa University, Doctor Course, Unfinished course

July 1987   Yokohama City University School of Medicine, Research associate
Dec 1993   Columbia University Center for Radiological Research, Research Scientist
April 2004  Nagasaki University Graduate school of Biomedical Sciences, Associate Professor
July 2007   Nagasaki University Atomic Bomb Disease Institute, Associate Professor

Jun 1993   Medical Doctor (Fukushima Medical University)
May 1985  Bacheror of Pharmaceutical Sciences
May 1991  Doctor of Philosophy
May 1988  Radiation protection supervisor (1st/2nd class)

1990 日本組織培養学会奨励賞
1996 日本放射線影響学会奨励賞

Affiliated Organizations
Japan Radiation Research Society
Radiation Research Society (USA)
Japan Cancer Association
Japan Molecular Biology Society

Research & Publications
1. K. Otsuka, K. Suzuki, Y. Fujimichi, M. Tomita, T. Iwasaki. Cellular responses and gene expression profiles of colonic Lgr5+ stem cells after low-dose/low-dose-rate radiation exposure. J. Radiat. Res., 59, 18-22, 2018.
2. M. Yamauchi, A. Shibata, K. Suzuki, M. Suzuki, A. Niimi, M. Miura, et al. Regulation of pairing between broken DNA-containing chromatin regions by Ku80, DNA-PKcs, ATM, and 53BP1. Sci. Rep., 7, 41812, 2017.
3. K. Otsuka, K. Suzuki. Differences in radiation dose response between small and large intestinal crypts. Radiat. Res., 186, 302-314, 2016.
4. JH. Hendry, O. Niwa, MH. Barcoellos-Hoff, RK. Globus, JD. Harrison, MT. Martin, TM. Seed, JW. Shay, MD. Story, K. Suzuki, S. Yamashita. ICRP Publication 131: Stem cell biology with respect to carcinogenesis aspects of radiological protection, Ann ICRP., 45, 239-252, 2016.
5. K. Suzuki, N. Mitsutake, V. Saenko, S. Yamashita. Radiation signature in childhood thyroid cancers after the Chernobyl accident: possible roles of radiation in carcinogenesis. Cancer Sci., 106, 127-133, 2015.