Cancer Institute Hospital of JFCR

Japan 135-8550
3-8-31, Ariake, Koto, Tokyo
TEL : +81-3-3520-0111
FAX : +81-3-3520-0141
President:Takeshi Sano, MD, PhD, FRCS Hospital Director
Established in:1934
Number of beds:Total 686(General ward 651, ICU 10, Palliative care unit 25)
Number of operations:8,851 surgeries
Number of operating Rooms:20 rooms
About Hospital

Patient-Centered Medical Care
In our hospital, under the policy of “patient-centered medical care,” specialists in various fields, including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, registered dieticians, and radiological technologists, cooperate as a team to provide diagnosis and treatment.

For example, in diagnosis, physicians in each department provide cancer diagnosis in cooperation with physicians and technologists specializing in diagnostic imaging.

For cancer treatment, surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy (anticancer drugs) are major treatment modalities, and each department provides the most appropriate treatment for each patient in cooperation with the Department of Surgical Operation Service, Department of Radiation Oncology, Department of Comprehensive Medical Oncology, and so on.

Comprehensive Patient Support
Our hospital provides not only cancer treatment, but also treatment of any other complicating conditions of cancer patients, such as mental and physical pain, infection (oral hygiene), and cardiovascular, respiratory, and renal dysfunction. In addition, nurses, pharmacists, and registered dieticians participate in all stages of treatment and pay attention to patients’ health status from various aspects.

Furthermore, we try to improve the QOL (Quality of Life) of patients and their families, through provision of counseling on various problems and worries of patients and their families by medical social workers (MSW), post-discharge support in cooperation with local medical institutions and visiting nursing stations, and other necessary approaches.

Efforts for Early Detection of Cancer by Cancer Screening
Our hospital provides cancer screening in the Cancer Screening Center annexed to our hospital. If cancer screening detects abnormal findings related to cancer, the hospital will immediately provide a detailed examination followed by necessary treatment.

Creation of Advanced Medical Care in Cooperation with the Cancer Institute
The Cancer Institute Hospital closely cooperate with the Cancer Institute and Cancer Chemotherapy Center. This cooperation leads the development of advanced diagnosis and treatment and provision of advanced medical care.

Credo / Mission

Hospital Ethos / Basic Policies
We set Mission, Core Values and Vision as hospital ethos and basic policies aiming to be the ideal hospital specialized in cancer treatment and torchbearer for the future.
Based on these Ethos and basic policies, we provide the best treatment and health care service in a gentle and sincere manner and with dignity of patient rights.

Hospital Ethos
Mission:Aiming to Improve the Well-being of People Everywhere by Achieving Better Cancer Control
Core Values:Creativity, Quality, Sincerity, Cooperation
Vision:Become a World-Leading Hospital in Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

Greeting from Hospital Director
Update : 07/17/2018
Cancer Institute Hospital of JFCR is committed to providing cutting-edge care for cancer patients. We often ask our patients their reasons for choosing our hospital. While many were referred by the doctor who found their cancer, many also remarked that they had researched various options and selected us on their own, with others coming to the decision following strong recommendations from family and friends. Every member of our team at JFCR is fully driven to fulfill his/her respective responsibilities to meet these high expectations.
The treatment of cancer is constantly evolving. Clinical research is conducted worldwide with the cooperation of many cancer patients, and better treatments are quickly adopted as the new standard. Cancer Institute Hospital of JFCR always takes this latest knowledge and thinks about how to make the most of it for the patient in front of us. We invest a lot of manpower and time to lead our own clinical research ahead of the world. "To improve well-being of people worldwide by conquering cancer “ is the fundamental principle of JFCR and it is our realistic goal.
At Cancer Institute Hospital of JFCR, we are dedicated to our mission to serve as many patients with ca ncer as possible by maximizing the use of limited personnel and facility space, and tirelessly working to improve efficiency. We are also seriously taking the importance of ensuring safety against various dangers inherent in cancer treatment.
We sincerely ask for your kind cooperation and support as Cancer Institute Hospital of JFCR will continue to strive to deliver excellent cancer care to better meet your expectations.

Takeshi Sano, M.D., Ph.D., FRCS Hospital Director