Takahiro Fujii Clinic

Japan 104-0061
Ginza M&S Building 7F, Ginza, Chuo-Ku Tokyo, Japan
TEL : +81-3-3544-6266
FAX : +81-3-3544-6267
President:Takahiro Fujii, Hospital Director
Established in:2003
About Hospital

One day endoscopic treatment, Global top tier of endoscopic technique
Our clinic offers “One time endoscopy” through diagnosis to treatment, which able the patient to avoid hospital stay or any other strain. The examination is backed up by the highest techniques also with minimum pain. Patients will be advised to take a full rest in our private recovery room. Additionally upper GI endoscopy and colonoscopy can be performed at the same day, also with blood test, Ultra Sonic examination, Helicobacter Pylori test and any other test required.

World top tier endoscopy infrastructure
All endoscopy units are the latest model with NBI system and High-Vision magnifying system, also using a High-Vision monitor, enables us to detect early stage cancer and provide confident diagnosis from clear endoscopy images. As for an infection control, all devices used in polypectomy or biopsy are single use devices, and also using OER2 from Olympus, the most recommended sterilizer by Japan Gastroenterological Endoscopy Society, we take full precautions to infection control.

Minimum pain cancer screening: MRI,CT(Breast Cancer), Uterine Cancer screening and others
Our clinic was founded as a gastric and colonic specialized clinic, from the directors 15 years of experience of cancer treatment in National Cancer Center, we offer not only gastric or colonic cancer screening but other body part cancer as well. Coordinating with other Japanese top tier hospitals, we offer other painless cancer screening using imaging technologies such as CT, MRI and PET diagnosis. Also sometimes breast cancer or uterine cancer screening for elderly female involves pain. We offer MRI and CT for these gynecology cancers screening as well.

Private Practice System to offer the latest and finest endoscopic treatment
As in Japanese medical insurance system, using the public insurance and private practice is prohibited; there is a strong constraint in what we can offer as the best practice. For example, certain test for gastric cancer risk analysis; Helicobacter Pyloric test, pepsinogen blood test, or like wound closure treatments after rececting large colon polyps to prevent late bleeding can not be reimbursed by the public medical insurance. From this circumstance, and to meet our patients request for the best quality of medicine, we ask for private practice system for all endoscopy procedures.
【Letter from the director】

Waiting Room
The waiting room is designed to make our patients time in the clinic more comfortable as possible. Large and luxurious waiting room filled with relaxing aroma and music, Venetian glass chandelier, drawing of THOMAS KINKADE, and Japanese Ikebana makes the space more relaxing and comfortable.

Full private recovery room
We have received many suggestions especially from female patients for both and pre & post procedure privacy. To support this, all recovery rooms are built fully private. All rooms are equipped with Reclining beds, Digital TV, Humidifier, Air cleaner and other amenities.

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