Kobe University Hospital

Japan 650-0017
Kobe University Hospital 7-5-2 Kusunoki-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe City
TEL : +81-78-382-5111
President:Dr. Kenichi Hirata, Hospital Director
Established in:1869
Number of beds:934 beds(General Ward 888, Psychiatry Ward 46)
Outpatients:Outpatients 2,030/day, Inpatients 826.3/day
About Hospital

Kobe University Hospital began as Kobe Hospital which first opened its doors in 1869. It started as a prefectural hospital, which later transitioned into a prefectural school of medicine. Over time, it evolved into a National University Hospital (920 beds), and since 2004, it has been operating as part of the National University Corporation. Our hospital has always been strongly rooted in the local community and has been committed to contribute to the community medicine as one of its missions. It became an advanced treatment facility in 1994 and a designated regional cancer treatment hospital in 2007. It now has the leading clinical care function as a core medical center in the Kansai area. The top priority in the primary principles of this hospital goes to practicing patient-focused medical care, and our most important mission is providing highly advanced care with top level of safety to our patients with a deep understanding of their feelings and situations. In order to realize this cause, it is necessary for our physicians, nurses, pharmacists, nutritionists, laboratory technicians, physical therapists, and clerical staff to work together as a team. We will keep our unchanged diligence to improve our patient services and fortify the system for medical safety with our best effort.

Another vital mission of this hospital as an educational facility is educating and training good medical staff who are rich in compassion and humanity. It is significantly important for us to educate them to be highly skilled, team-oriented, and full of vitality and wide vision to be successful in the world medical scene. We will also make further advancement in the development of this hospital as a leading Japanese and international center for state-of-the-art research and clinical care. Now, medical technology and care are advancing with a remarkable pace, but we still have many diseases which have no effective treatments. As a mission of a university hospital, we will keep striving for developing new medical treatments which can be our patients’hope.

As to facility investment, we have attempted to install the most recent equipment possible for improving the quality of our medical care related to both facilities and human resources. In 2014, new ward facilities in minimally invasive medicine was established. Also, Department of Surgical Care, Cancer Center, Department of Endoscopic Medicine, Center for Perinatal Care, Center for Radiology and Radiation Oncology, and Department of Diagnostic Pathology started their operations. As a university hospital, we will stay close to the local community and keep reorganizing our hospital to be able to provide highly advanced medical care with high standard of quality, reliability, and safety which is even more satisfactory for all our patients. We also think that it has a great significance to create the work environment in which our hospital staff including the young and female can work with high degree of motivation and satisfaction. Listening to all your opinions and guidance, entire hospital staff will make even more effort to meet the expectation of the society and to achieve our goal of making this hospital the one which we can be proud to the world. So, we ask all of you to keep giving us your even more support and encouragement. Thank you.

Credo / Mission

To provide you with the most up-to-date medical treatment in a friendly environment Our goal is a whole-person approach to patient care which prioritizes the patient above all else. Grouping patients by organ system or・function, severity of illness, we strive to provide medical care which is specialized, comprehensive, and cutting-edge.

Our Fundamental Principles (Approved on March 12, 2014 at a Hospital Administration Board meeting)
To provide patient-focused medical care.
To educate medical professionals who are rich in humanity.
To develop and promote advanced state-of-the-art medicine.
To enhance cooperation with local community medical care facilities.
To provide on-site medical care during disasters
To contribute internationally through medical care.
Based on the six principles described above, Kobe University Hospital will fulfill its mission in three capacities, as a medical care provider, in education and training, and in research and development. Through these efforts it will contribute to progress in clinical medicine, elevating the quality of medical technology, and making contributions to society through the provision of medical care.