Toho University Ohashi Medical Center

Japan 153-8515
2-17-6 Ohashi, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
TEL : +81-3-3468-1251
President: Satoshi Iwabuchi, Hospital Director
Established in:1964
Number of beds:319 beds(General Ward)
About Hospital

Ohashi Medical Center opened in 1964, as the second hospital affiliated with Toho University. At that time, each department was managed by doctors dispatched from Omori Hospital. However, around 1974, the departments of Internal Medicine and Surgery set up a clinic system with staff members exclusively from Ohashi Hospital. Currently, Ohashi Medical Center has 26 departments and 4 centers, each of which specializes in some form of organ- or disease-based treatment and care.

Ohashi Medical Center is located on the border of the Meguro and Setagaya wards, and is adjacent to Shibuya ward. Moreover, it is the only university hospital within these three wards of Tokyo. Each department at the hospital offers state-of-the-art medical treatment and care and works towards providing patients’ needs, trying to maintain people’s health and welfare in collaboration with local hospitals and clinics. At Ohashi Medical Center, local patients can receive medical service as good as they can at other hospitals in Japan or overseas. We actually offer highly advanced medical treatment and care to patients from places quite a distance away. As the local central hospital, we are always in close contact with surrounding medical institutions to offer the 24-hour medical treatment, making it possible for our Emergency Department to function more effectively.

Forty-eight years have already passed since Ohashi Medical Center opened, and now all of our staff has the same goal in mind: reorganizing and improving the hospital. Under such circumstances, we have already started to handle the inconveniences commonly experienced by patients or complaints from staff members, always attempting to improve the medical and working environment. We are always trying to achieve a better consultation system for patients and a better working environment for the staff.

Our ideal at Ohashi Medical Center is “Medical practice with a kind and thoughtful heart”; every day, we try to achieve that ideal through patient-centered, safe, and reliable medical treatment and care. All our doctors, nurses, and other staff do their best to help patients feel content with their visit to the hospital.

Credo / Mission

Based on the implementation of warm and kindhearted medicine, we respect human life and protect their dignity and rights.

Basic Principles
1. We provide safe and reliable medicine.
2. We cooperate with local medical institutions, and serve for patients’ needs on a round-the-clock basis.
3. We provide accessible medicine with comprehensible organization for clinical divisions.
4. We aim at creating a society attainable “good longevity” based on understandings about regional characteristics.
5. We offer a downtown oasis by realization of “a hospital surrounded by lush greenery and water courses.”