Japan 441-8530
21-1 Gobutori, Oyama-cho, Toyohashi-shi, Aichi
TEL : +81-532-37-3377
President:Takahiko Suzuki, M.D., Hospital Director
Number of beds:130 beds
About Hospital

On November 5, 1999, the Toyohashi Heart Center opened as a hospital specializing in cardiovascular diseases, aiming at a goal for medicine of higher and safer standard than ever.

Since then, we have had so many patients coming from all over Japan, let alone the Tokai area where the hospital is located in. We believe it is because our hospital philosophy has been well-accepted by them and we are blessed enough to have constant cooperation and coordination with other medical institutions in the region, and we are sincerely grateful for them.

Nothing has changed in our behavior standard, “implementing patient-centered medicine,” and our passionate wish to be of good help for people since the opening. We simply wish to provide them with reliable medicine.

We will be continuously aiming at medicine with higher and safer standard, and moreover, we will be disseminating high medical techniques to the world for many more years to come.

Credo / Mission

Hospital Philosophy
We provide heartwarming medicine protecting life and livelihood of people.

Behavior Standards
We implement patient-centered medicine.
We make efforts to achieve “the best medicine” and “comprehensible explanation” in order to let our patients and their family feel secure and assured.
We respect individuality and diversity of people, and try to make each one of them feel that they are all treated as precious individuals.
We function as an emergency medical care center accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Under the slogan “we never say no,” we swiftly accept patients needing critical care in emergency settings.
We provide medicine of the world’s highest standard and foster skilled medical practitioners. As an assemblage of health care professionals, we provide safe and advanced medicine. We never cease our personal developments as medical practitioners, trying to foster eligible human resources responsible for medicine in next generations.
We promote preventive medicine and collaboration with local medical institutions in the region.
As we have a responsibility to protect the residents’ health in the region, we make efforts in disseminating information regarding preventive medicine and offering them health care services.
We aim at creating a society where all the medical institutions in the region have integrated collaborations and the residents can lead healthy life.